To the Editor:

How many of you have been watching the Republican debates? Did you ever see so many candidates for the Presidency of the United States suffer from diarrhea of the mouth and intellectual constipation at the same time? The Republicans are short on policy and big on nonsense.

The Trump objective of rounding up 11 million illegal immigrants and expelling them just can’t be done. Besides, the though of even trying it is un-American. Also, electing someone like Dr. Ben Carson would be the end of Medicare as we know it, and it would see a stagnancy in the rise of minimum wages. This is typical of Republican thinking.

I can’t believe that we would be so stupid as to put someone like Donald Trump in the White House. Trump is a super-egotistical, histrionic narcissist with an attack dog mentality. He’s the proverbial bull in a china shop. Can you imagine someone like him with his finger on the trigger of a nuclear warhead? I can see the mushroom clouds now.

If these Republican candidates are the best the Republican Party has to offer, the Democrats have nothing to worry about. If any of the Republicans running should become president we are in deep trouble. Go Hillary!

Jerry Bousquet

North Smithfield

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