On Black Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, upwards of 180,000 Americans applied for background checks in order to purchase a firearm.

Although the number of background checks is not a good measure as it relates to actual firearms purchased, it is a good barometer as it relates to future mass shootings.

As is still the case because of Republican resistance, assault rifles are for sale in large numbers in the United States. The Republican majority continues to clamor that it is the right of the individual that must be protected and that it is the mentally ill that must be prevented from securing a firearm while at the same time refusing to answer the question as to why these weapons are available in the first place.

As a combat veteran of Vietnam, I am all too familiar with how destructive these weapons were and still are. To deny the general public access to these obscene weapons is not an infringement of its Second Amendment rights, it is a measure to protect.

Why we as Americans fail to acknowledge this is beyond my comprehension. The United States is fast becoming a Third World nation with the rest of the planet looking on as we slaughter our citizens without the slightest compunction.

Unless and until we enact common sense gun control legislation and put the NRA out of business, mass shootings will be as common as our “do nothing” legislators that infect our nation’s capital.

Douglas J. Audette


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Truth To Power

Mr. Audette,

History has shown the evils and results of unlimited political power, and the victims are ALWAYS the citizenry. Enshrining the right of the individual to arm himself as protection against ALL who would dominate him (including and especially governments) is the underlying reason for the Second Amendment, and it is crucial to man's survival as a free and sentient being. There will always be those who reject violence as a solution. That's fine, but the world has always been full of wolves. Where do you think the world would be now if people weren't willing to take up arms against Hitler? Acknowledging that engaging and defeating Hitler was necessary and required a violent response to his atrocities, should prove to you that there are times when violence in the name of self-defense is absolutely critical AND justified. You should be willing to honestly consider that there are and will continue to be other monsters that need to be stopped, and on a much more individual level. You can read examples every day at any news source.

Men who have the moral compass to differentiate between the initiation of violence, and self-defense AGAINST violence, are necessary in order to stop the wolves. Those of us who are willing to stand up to the wolves do so for ALL men, even those who reject violence and heap their scorn upon us. We don't demand that you change your philosophy and resort to violence to protect yourself or your family. We DO hope that you will stand aside while WE take the necessary steps to keep the wolves at bay, even if it is to defend ONLY ourselves and our families wherever we may encounter deadly intent. At the risk of sounding extreme: if you let it be known that in the event of a violent attack against you and your family you would prefer that NO ONE come to your assistance, perhaps your wishes will be honored. That is your choice if you have the courage of your convictions. Do you?

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