Make your choice — communism or freedom.

Heed the words of Lenin in the party platform for 1919:

“We will use any ruses, dodges, tricks, cunning, unlawful methods, concealment and unveiling of the truth.”

Lenin also said, “promises are like pie crusts — made to be broken.”

Communism can be defined in a couple of sentences — “It is the abolishment of private property and the destruction of morality. The state owns everything and redistributes every person’s wealth; no one is allowed to succeed on their own.”

A word to all the protesters (some who may be in college), let the communists take over and there would be no meetings, no freedom, no anything which free men cherish. (Communists) want to disrupt and tear down our way of life, which is “a Nation of Laws.”

America is “a Nation of Laws” — read them in our founding document ‘The United States Constitution.’ It can be read (including the ammendments) in about 23 minutes. This document is priceless and everlasting, if it is not altered in any way. Unfortunately, it has. Now we have lawlessness like we’ve never seen before.

In North Attleboro, Mass. there was a contest at the school department titled “What does home mean to you?” A little boy named Jayden won first place, noting that “Home to me means being safe and being with my family.”

Let’s hope America gets back to the rule of law and law and order, which our police officers give, or safety and security will be a thing of the past.

Jeanette Nally

North Attleboro, Mass.

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