WOONSOCKET — A prominent area businessman was arrested Sunday on a warrant charging him with the rape of his estranged wife two days earlier, after she returned to the area from Florida for a divorce hearing.

Frank D’Andrea, 63, of 25 Fair Oaks Drive, Lincoln, was charged with raping the woman at a residence on Vose Street on Jan. 23. D’Andrea is described in police reports as the owner of Lakeside Pools in North Smithfield.

The alleged victim told police D’Andrea surprised her in her apartment while she was in the middle of a workout routine in which she was wearing little clothing. She said he placed her in a chair, removed her panties and penetrated her sexually. She told him to stop and he did, but finished the sex act on his own, she told police.

D’Andrea “had come into her residence, unannounced, uninvited, and came in without her knowledge,” a police report says. “D’Andrea then showed up at the house, entered somehow, and suddenly D’Andrea was in the bedroom.”

In addition to domestic first-degree sexual assault, or rape, the police seized D’Andrea on charges listed in a warrant active since February 2018, including domestic strangulation, violation of a no-contact order and domestic disorderly conduct.

On Sunday, when the victim came to police headquarters to report the alleged sexual assault, she told police she waited two days to report the most recent incident because she was “scared and sick,” according to Detective Gabriel J. Koneczny’s report.

She also showed Koneczny a a record of approximately 156 voicemails originating from a private number which she identified as that of Lakeside Pool. The calls date back to February 2018.

Koneczny listened to one of the calls from someone who identified himself as D’Andrea. The officer described the message as “threatening,” “vulgar,” “indecent,” and containing “immoral language.”

When the victim first responded to the station, the victim told Koneczny “this issue with her soon ex-husband has been going on for years. She referred to their five-year marriage as very abusive and many times scared for her safety.”

According to the judiciary’s website, D’Andrea has a police record that dates back to 1992 and includes multiple arrests for domestic assault and related charges, plus attempted breaking and entering, vandalism, making crank or obscene phone calls and driving on a suspended license.

Following an initial appearance on the new charges in Sixth District Court on Monday, D’Andrea is free on $50,000 surety bail. He is due back in court for another hearing on May 6. He was ordered to have no contact with the victim while the case is pending.

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