The Honey Shop, located in Park Square, Woonsocket, was doing a brisk business on Small Business Saturday. Customer Karen Phaneuf, of Woonsocket, leaves after purchasing a few items.

WOONSOCKET — “Make an impact. Shop small.”

That was the mantra Saturday for small business owners like Kathy Lavallee, proprietor of The Honey Shop in Woonsocket, a unique boutique on Park Avenue offering raw organic honey, gourmet foods, health foods, natural remedies, workshops, classes and more.

Like a lot of small retail business owners, Lavallee was offering plenty of deals and discounts yesterday in celebration of Small Business Saturday, a nationwide campaign to promote mom-and-pop retailers and get holiday shoppers to spend locally.

“Shopping small really does make an impact because when you support small businesses you’re supporting your community,” she says. “Many local small business owners live in the community. They’re your neighbors.”

“You’re also going to get a more personalized experience because we want to get to know our customers and we want them to get to know us,” she added.

In 2018, an estimated 104 million consumers shopped during Small Business Saturday, according to American Express, the event’s creator. Last year, shoppers spent $17.8 billion at small independent retailers and restaurants, the highest of any year since the event began in 2010.

Established in 2014, The Honey Shop has three locations – 1300 Park Ave. and 6 Winthrop St. in Woonsocket, and 108 Mechanic St. in neighboring Bellingham. The Park Avenue and Mechanic Street locations are retail shops, while the Winthrop Street location is the where Lavallee and her husband, Paul, manufacture products like hot sauces, barbecue sauces, salsas, infused balsamic vinegar and olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and nut and seed butters.

The Honey Shop manufacture and sells all natural honey products, including a fruited cream honey. The shop also offers cold and allergy remedies made with all natural ingredients that immediately relieve sinus and chest congestion with no unpleasant side effects.

“Our foods are made naturally, and most are gluten free with no added sugars, colors or additives,” Lavallee says. “We take pride in making the best honey products available for our customers.”

The shop also carries a line of CBD products and all sorts of gift items, including jewelry and hand-painted glass.

Pepin Lumber in Woonsocket has also been a longtime supporter of Small Business Saturday since the campaign began nine years ago.

“It’s important to support small businesses because when you support local businesses you’re supporting your community,” says Denise Levreault, sales manager at Pepin Lumber.

Christmas is right around the corner and Levreault and the folks at Pepin Lumber, a family owned business in operation for more than 60 years, were offering a 20 percent discount Saturday for items purchased in the gift shop.

The store was also handing out “Shop Small” canvas tote bags to customers.

Small Business Saturday was also an opportunity for the Pepin family to connect with their longtime customers as well as those walking through the door of the 830 Cumberland Hill Road business for the very first time.

Pepin lumber also hosts open houses three times a year, one in the spring, another in early fall and the third and most popular – the Christmas open house – at the start of the holiday season.

Levreault is the daughter of Camille E. Pepin, who started the business with his father in 1947. Today it is run by his six children, five of whom work at the store.

Pepin Lumber is a full service lumber yard and hardware store that offers the newest decking material on the market today. The store carries four different grades of pine, as well as half- inch and one-inch pine.

Along with carrying some of the newest decking material on the market and a large ratio of pine, Pepin Lumber also carries KD spruce framing, Mahogany, vinyl boards, Choice Dek, Moistureshield decking, Color Guard Railing, PVC fencing, pneumatic nails, masonry and drywall supplies and replacement windows.

Since the 1990’s Pepin Lumber has been catering to the wood crafter or woodworker offering pine boards, tools, wire, berries, rusty tin, lights and patterns. The store also operates a country gift shop, which first opened more than 15 years ago.

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