CUMBERLAND – State DOT director Peter Alviti Jr. told Cumberland officials last week that his department will take another look at restoring $2 million in funding for the Broad Street Regeneration Project so that it includes the complete reconstruction of roadway from Church Street to Mendon Road in Cumberland.

Attending the Jan. 24 meeting with Alviti were Cumberland Mayor Jeffrey Mutter, Town Councilman Michael L. Kinch, Town Planner Jonathan Stevens and the town’s legislative delegation, including state Reps. James N. McLaughlin and Alex Marszalkowski and Sen. Ryan Pearson.

Alviti agreed to meet with the Cumberland delegation to discuss the town’s concerns about the portion of the project in Cumberland, which has been scaled back by the DOT to save money. The project is a two-year initiative to improve a 3.2-mile-stretch of Broad Street through Pawtucket, Central Falls and Cumberland.

At a Town Council meeting last month, Kinch and District 1 Councilwoman Stephanie M. Gemski introduced a resolution that requests the DOT restore $2 million in funding to include the complete reconstruction of the roadway from Church Street north to Mendon Road rather than a cursory repaving of the area.

That resolution was brought to the attention of Alviti at last week’s meeting.

“As a result of that meeting, Director Alviti said he would do everything he can to see if funds can be allocated to get the full project up to Blackstone Street and perhaps all the way to Mendon Road,” Stevens said Wednesday.

Town officials are keeping their fingers crossed in light of the news that DOT has made $120 million in cuts over six years to the state’s Transportation Improvement Program because of a rejection of additional funding requests in the governor’s budget.

“I think if we stay focused on this we should be good,” Kinch said.

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