Rock & Roll Yard Sale

The Providence Rock & Roll Yard Sale takes place July 24.


Along with the music, rock & roll has fostered a community of collectors. There are people who continuously seek out rare vinyl records, autographed posters, videos of concerts from decades gone by and all sorts of other items. Some of these people who amass enough of these things often turn it into a business, either setting up shop at festivals and conventions or even opening up their own storefront to share their love of these collectibles with others. On a local level, the Providence Rock & Roll Yard Sale embraces this community while being a place to find vintage, DIY and handmade goods. This unique gathering will be coming back this summer and taking place at the Trinity Beer Garden adjacent to the Providence Rink and Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence on July 24 at 1pm.

North Providence residents Chris & Jennifer Daltry from the online retailer What Cheer Records & Vintage are the principal organizers for this event. For over 15 years, it’s taken place in numerous locations to offer a one-a-kind happening for sellers and buyers of the musical variation.

“Our Rock & Roll Yard Sales have taken place at many different places since we first started them back in 2004,” Chris says. “Initially they were held at AS220 in Providence, where they were also part of the first few Foo Fests, which we helped organize. We’ve always kept a lookout for new places to hold our events, with a goal of not only creating settings for our vendors to connect with buyers, but also to support the venues we’ve partnered with as well as offering the local community a different shopping experience.”

“Besides AS220 we have held our events at Burnside Park, Terrastock, The Met in Pawtucket, the Pawtucket Arts Festival, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Union Square in Somerville, the Providence Public Library as part of the first PVD Fest, Narragansett Beer’s Made on Honor events and most recently at Grant’s Block as part of InDowncity PVD’s annual Spring block parties,” he adds. “Those events have been derailed twice now because of the pandemic, so we started looking around for a new home for the Rock & Roll Yard Sale. Our friends at Little City Thrifty suggested we approach the Trinity Beer Garden and they welcomed us with open arms, so we now not only have a new venue but also an excellent partner with deep roots in the Providence community.”

One element of the Providence Rock & Roll Yard Sale that makes it truly extraordinary is the amount of vendors that take part of it. A majority are usually locally based but there are others who are from numerous parts of the New England region as well.

“We have booked 35 record, vintage, and DIY handmade vendors for this year’s Providence Rock & Roll Yard Sale,” Chris mentions. “Most are from the Providence area, but some will be coming from other surrounding New England states.”

For the folks who are unfamiliar with vinyl records, DIY goods and the collectible community, they can still come down and have a great time. After dealing with COVID-19 for over 15 months, any sort of gathering with a positive vibe is a welcome one.

“These events offer something for pretty much everyone,” Chris says. “With all of us just coming out of our shells now that the pandemic is coming under control, we’re looking at this as a celebration of sorts. It’s a coming out party where our host DJ Studebaker Hawk will create a fun vibe that’ll sure to put a smile on your face and even get folks dancing. There also may be surprise live musical performances and the eclectic diversity of our vendors will be offering up not only vinyl records and music related things, but also vintage clothing and DIY handmade goods. Trinity Beer Garden will be selling their tasty local beer, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages, and they’re also rounding up local pop-up food vendors. All of this with the magnificent backdrop of downtown Providence will make for a fun and special day for sure”

Admission is free and it’s all ages, which means that it’s an ideal family-friendly event and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. To stay tuned for the announcement of the Providence Rock & Roll Yard Sale’s full vendor list and other updates, log on to their website at and follow their Facebook page at

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