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Whitehouse accused of being distracted

July 19, 2012

PROVIDENCE – Accusing his opponent of “serial hypocrisy,” Republican U.S. Senate candidate Barry Hinckley blasted Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse for leaving the Senate floor after promising to debate his DISCLOSE Act “long into the night,” to attend a fundraiser held by a group Hinckley claims would be exempt from that proposed law.
In the first press conference in what has so far been an exceedingly quiet Senate campaign – a quickie event that lasted a little more than five minutes -- Hinckley assembled reporters on the sidewalk outside Whitehouse’s downtown Providence Senate office to say his opponent is distracted with issues such as the DISCLOSE Act – which would require corporations, unions and other groups to report the source of large donations – and health care when he should be focusing on the single issue of “jobs, jobs, jobs.”
“Times are tough right now in Rhode Island and in America,” Hinckley said, “we need jobs. I’ve been traveling for 16 months around the state of Rhode Island and I hear the same thing over and over again: “I can’t find a job” or “I’m stuck in a dead-end job,” “My kids have left the state because they can’t find a job.”
He said Whitehouse’s departure from the DISCLOSE debate, “is more of the hypocrisy of career politics that has led America and Rhode Island off course. We need a new direction.

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