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Transfer station to repel seagulls

February 22, 2013

PAWTUCKET — The company that operates the trash transfer station on Grotto Avenue has a remedy for getting rid of the seagulls that have been accumulating nearby: a sonic bird repeller.
At a previous City Council meeting, District 6 Councilor Timothy Rudd had said he was receiving complaints from constituents about a large number of seagulls who have been seen congregating around the Mineral Spring Avenue near where the transfer station is located. He requested that a letter be sent to Waste Haulers, the private company that now leases and runs the transfer station, asking if anything can be done.
This week, city officials heard back from Waste Haulers' Operations Manager Angelo Calcagni, who said the company could buy a “sonic bird repeller” to try and alleviate the problem. He acknowledged that there has been a slight increase in the number of seagulls, but blamed it on the migration of the birds during the winter months from the coastal regions inland.
Calcagni said the company would be willing to try the machine approach, except for one problem: a lack of electricity. He wrote that in order to operate the repeller, he would need to have electrical power out at the transfer station “tipping floor” building. However, this building currently has no electricity, and is not set up for it, so an electrician would have to run wiring out to the building. He said Waste Haulers can have the electrical work done in the spring when the ground defrosts and the repeller can be installed at that time.
The council agreed with the plan, but sent a memo back asking to be notified when the repeller is in place.
According to descriptions of several brands of devices listed on the Internet, sonic bird repellers broadcast bird “alarm calls” and predator cries that condition pest birds to stay away from the area. One device reportedly covers multiple acres of land and many passersby are not even aware a device is in use.


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