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Seven Mikula brothers served in WWII

March 19, 2011

This is a photo collage of the seven Mikula brothers who grew up in Lonsdale and served in the military during World War II.

There were seven boys from the Mikula family who grew up on Dorr Street in Lonsdale and served in the military during World War II.
Peter, Stanley, Edwin, John, Andrew, Frank and Edward are pictured above. The first four brothers are in the top row (left to right) of this photo sent in by Maureen Mikula Dowd, daughter of Peter Mikula. The final three are in the front row, left to right. They were the sons of Maciej and Maryanna Mikula.
Peter “Pete” served in the US Navy from 1943 to 1945 aboard the DD673, USS Hickox as a gunner’s mate, in the Pacific Theater as part of Task Force 58 under Admiral Mitscher. He saw action in the Marshall and Mariana Islands as well as the Battles of the Philippine Sea and Leyte Gulf.
His ship and her crew assisted in the rescue of sailors from the USS Franklin while she was in flames following a kamikaze attack on March 19, 1945. They also survived what became known as Halsey’s Typhoon.
Stanley “Skit” Served in the US Army Air Corps from 1942 to 1945, attaining the rank of corporal. He supervised a group of 10 men performing repairs and maintenance on B24 bombers while stationed in Miami, Florida with the troops assigned to protect the Panama Canal from Japanese destruction.
Edwin “Tommy” joined the US Army as soon as he turned 18 and served from 1945 until 1946. He was stationed in Germany and according to his brother “drove a Jeep around picking up the dead and wounded.” He operated all types of vehicles including light trucks, jeeps, and ¾ up to 2 ½ ton trucks transporting personnel, supplies and equipment
John “Chick” was in the 2nd Engineering Battalion, Special Brigade, 7th Amphibious Force in the South Pacific. He participated in 87 minor and major landings as part of “MacArthur’s Amphibious Navy” beginning in 1943.
Andrew “Matt” was in the US Navy from 1943 to 1946 serving aboard the SS San Martin and the SS St.George, merchant ships converted for use in ferrying troops and supplies to Marines and Seabees in Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Saipan and Pelileu. His group was known as Hatchmen and Winchmen. He also survived kamikaze attacks and the infamous typhoon. He is the only surviving brother.
Frank “Doc” was a medic in the US Army serving in Africa and Anzio.
Edward “Red” served in the US Army Air Corps, 67th Fighter Squadron in Guadalcanal, the Russell Islands and Borneo.
One of the first brothers to enlist, he warned his siblings to “stay out of the Army” based on what he had observed in the South Pacific.


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