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Pawtucket Bridge Lights up the Night

September 7, 2013

It's a beautiful late summer evening along the banks of the Pawtucket River, accentuated by the brilliant colors emanating from the new bridge structure at twilight. Mayor Donald Grebien begins the countdown shortly after seven o'clock...10-9-8 and before you know it, several hundred spectators are bedazzled by the bridge's new high tech lighting system. Brilliant greens, reds, purples and white lights keep changing every few minutes, lighting up the night skies over Pawtucket, currently celebrating the 15th annual Pawtucket Arts Festival and culminating an exciting day of Chinese dragon boat races and Taiwan Day festival that included food, music and plenty of other entertainment. The fun continues with dozens of events taking place through the end of the month.

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Bridge Light 1.jpg1.58 MB


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