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Military Page letter comes from the Netherlands

July 17, 2011

Taking care of veterans' graves in Europe is the subject of a letter to the Military Page editor from an on-line reader in the Netherlands.

The Military Page went global this week with the receipt of a letter from Simon Schuurman, a resident of the Netherlands who adopts graves of fallen soldiers and tries to gather information about the lives of American soldiers who died during World War II.
“I have always been interested in the second World War,” Schuurman wrote. “We want to be able to honor the people who liberated Europe. I adopted five graves at two different cemeteries – one in Ardennes (France) and another in Henri-Chapelle in Belgium. One of these graves is from Private Joseph J. Czernia of the U.S. Army.
“Let me tell you what adopting graves is all about. We honor fallen soldiers on important days (Memorial Day, Christmas, etc.) to pay attention to these men. Many times, we are in contact with family of relatives of the soldier to let them know that someone is Europe is watching over their soldier.
“I am writing to you about Private Edward L. Almeida, who came from Pawtucket and is buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in his hometown. He was killed in action on the same day as Joseph Czernia. Possibly they were on the same patrol together. Maybe you have some information on Private Almeida so I can make my file on these two fallen soldiers more complete.
“His father’s name was Albert Almeida. His mother was Sylvia. At the time of his death, they lived on 44 Derby Street in Pawtucket.
“Maybe there lives in Pawtucket some relatives of Private Almeida who can give me more information.”
Anyone who can help this fine man with his search for information about Edward L. Almeida should send an email to and we will forward it to Mr. Schuurman.


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