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Opinion: A towering World Cup victory for U.S.-and women

CNN - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 05:56
U.S. Women's World Cup victory was one for the ages; made clear men's team pales in comparison to women's
Categories: National News

Markets fall as Greece risks euro exit with 'no' vote

Business News - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 05:30
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China stocks volatile after Beijing acts to avoid crash

Business News - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 03:12
China stocks remained volatile on Monday, despite a series of dramatic steps by officials over the weekend designed to support markets.

No! Greek vote shocks Europe

Business News - Mon, 07/06/2015 - 01:23
Greece has voted by a big margin against Europe's latest bailout offer, raising the prospect that the country could now suffer a worse economic disaster and lose its place in the euro.

U.S. women crush Japan 5-2 to win third title

CNN - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 21:19
Categories: National News

U.S. superfans share their love of soccer

CNN - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 21:18
The U.S. will face off against Japan in the Women's World Cup finals. The Americans lost in penalty kicks to Japan in the 2011 World Cup championship.
Categories: National News

Kerry: Iran deal may go either way

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 20:16
Categories: International News

Fidel Castro makes rare public appearance

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 20:15
It's rare for Fidel Castro to appear in public. But the 88-year-old former Cuban President recently said cheese -- literally -- as state media cameras snapped his photo.
Categories: International News

What a Depression looks like (Greek style)

Business News - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 20:01
The Greek drama has spiraled out of control. The banks are closed and tens of thousands of people are protesting in the streets.

5 people killed in Nigeria church bombing

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 19:47
A suicide bomber blew himself up in a church Sunday in the Nigerian town of Potiskum, killing the priest and four other worshippers, witnesses and police told CNN.
Categories: International News

2 rockets from Sinai hit Israel

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 19:44
Categories: International News

Brazil brushes off WikiLeaks claim of U.S. spying

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 19:40
WikiLeaks released a list of 29 Brazilian phone numbers of government and finance officials it says were "selected for intensive interception" by the U.S. National Security Agency. The group said the release shows that spying by the U.S. in the South American nation went further than eavesdropping on its President.
Categories: International News

Boko Haram kills 'scores' -- descends on capital

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 19:40
The Nigerian military on Saturday said "scores" were killed when six Boko Haram suicide bombers staged coordinated attacks the day before in a village near Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state.
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Acid thrown into Afghan schoolgirls' faces

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 19:40
Attackers on a motorbike threw acid in the faces of three teenage girls on their way to school in Afghanistan's western Herat province on Saturday, an official told CNN.
Categories: International News

ISIS executes 25 in ruins of amphitheater

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 19:35
A just-released video from ISIS shows militants executing 25 captives in the ruins of a Roman amphitheater in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.
Categories: International News

Princess Charlotte is christened

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 19:35
A paddock in the English countryside -- more used to stampeding cows than people -- opened its gates Sunday to royal well-wishers hoping to catch a glimpse of the country's newest princess.
Categories: International News

Russian rocket docks at space station

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 19:34
After a series of failed resupply missions, a Russian capsule loaded with crew provisions docked at the International Space Station on Sunday, NASA said.
Categories: International News

Pope's focus on poor hits home in Quito

CNN World - Sun, 07/05/2015 - 19:31
In the outskirts of the Ecuadorian capital, Pope Francis' planned visit brought much excitement -- especially among the poorest of believers.
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